My research focuses principally on the philosophical foundations and applications of formal theories of rational choice and inference, spanning topics in the philosophy of science, epistemology, philosophical logic, artificial intelligence and decision theory.

I have recently been awarded a 4-year Future Fellowship by the Australian Research Council, for a project titled `Qualitative Models of Rationality: Philosophical Foundations and Applications' , a substantial proportion of which will be devoted to providing a logic of evidential relevance, grounded in the so-called AGM model of belief change, a powerful and elegant framework that has surprisingly seen very few philosophical applications to date. Further details to follow soon.


  • (with Richard Booth) The Irreducibility of Iterated to Single Revision, forthcoming in Journal of Philosophical Logic. pdf

  • Preservation, Commutativity and Modus Ponens: Two recent triviality results, forthcoming in Mind. pdf

  • (with Richard Booth) Extending the Harper Identity to Iterated Belief Change, forthcoming in Proceedings of the 25th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 2016). [2016] pdf

  • Subjective Probabilities Need not Be Sharp. Erkenntnis. [2014] pdf

  • Defeat Reconsidered. Analysis, 73(1): 49-51. [2013] pdf

  • Transmission Failure, AGM Style, Erkenntnis. 78(2): 383-398. [2013] pdf 

  • Acceptance, Aggregation and Scoring Rules, Erkenntnis, 78(1): 201-217. [2013] pdf

  • Contrastive Support: Some Competing Accounts, Synthese, 190(1):
    129–138. Accepted in Oct. 2010. [2013] pdf

  • (co-edited with V. Harrison) Probability in the Philosophy of Religion, Oxford University Press. [2012] (pdf of the introduction) 

  • (with Adam Rieger) Self Respect Regained, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, CXI(3): 1-8. [2011] pdf

  • The Lottery Paradox Generalised?, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 61(3): 667-679. [2010] pdf

  • Review of Huber & Schmidt-Petri (eds.) Degrees of Belief', Philosophy in Review  29(6): 422-424. [2009]  pdf

  • The Transmission of Support: a Bayesian (re)analysis, Synthèse, 176(3): 333-343. [2009] pdf

  • Solving the Tacking Problem with Contrast Classes, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 58(3): 489-502. [2007] pdf

  • Whyte on Desire Fullfilment Conditions: a Simple Problem, Disputatio II(21): 65-68. [2006] pdf

In progress:

  • (with Paul Pedersen) Descriptive Decision Theory, in preparation for the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy

  • Fitness Reversals and Probabilistic Causation 

Talks :

  • Modeling Modal Agnosticism pdf (beamer slides, with proofs)

  • Contrastive Support in the AGM Framework pdf (beamer slides) pdf (handout, incl. proofs)

  • Reasons to Believe and Reasons to not pdf (beamer slides) pdf (handout) pdf (technical details)

About me

Raised and educated in Toulouse, France I moved to the UK in 1995 to take a degree in... [+]

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